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With United Way of Frederick County, you can count on transparency, efficiency, and good stewardship.

United Way of Frederick County is pleased to be ranked a "four-star" charity by Charity Navigator.

There are multiple "windows of transparency" for nonprofit organizations to help you see inside of their operations. In addition to our multimedia interfaces and community activities, our financial information offers a detailed look at our financial stability.

Annual Report

Our annual reports highlight the various activities and results that occur each year.

IRS Form 990

Each year nonprofit organizations are required to submit a Form 990 to the IRS. This financial disclosures statement reports on the financial health of an organization as well as an accounting of its governing structure.

Annual Audit

In order to register to solicit funds in Maryland, organizations with a budget of more than $500,000 are required to submit an annual audit.
Other Documents
Ethics Statement (Donor Privacy Policy)