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Get Involved

We envision a Frederick where all individuals discover their power to make a difference and are equipped to be active, engaged citizens.

Your involvement is our most powerful resource. We know far too well that to create change - meaningful, lasting, transformative change - having you by our side is the only way we’re going to achieve it. Whether it’s by giving your time, money, or talents, there are many ways you can help us prepare kids to graduate ready to succeed, help families leave poverty behind, make quality health care accessible, and ensure safe places to call home.


100% of your gift goes directly into programs that produce life-changing results in the community.


Put your involvement into overdrive by uniting with your colleagues to raise awareness and support.


Sharing your time and talents is an invaluable way to give back and impact the lives of your neighbors.


Join our corps of advocates and use your voice to raise awareness and improve critical public policies.


It's true - volunteering does make you feel better. Research shows that people who volunteer feel better - physically, mentally, and emotionally. And while we're feeling better, we're also helping all kinds of other people who benefit from our volunteer efforts feel better too! Everybody wins when we volunteer. Everybody wins when we LIVE UNITED. Read the full study here and find out more here.

96%  of volunteers surveyed indicated that helping others enriched their sense of purpose in life.   

78% reported that volunteering lowered their stress levels

76% say that volunteering has made them feel healthier.