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Pathway to Homeownership

Pathway to Homeownership Savings Program

 Every $1 you save will be matched $4 (up to $2,200). 
Benefits of the Savings Program
Homebuyer participants who save the maximum amount of $2,200 will be able to put $11,000 towards the down payment of a home. Home must be purchased in Frederick County. Participants who have completed 12 months of the Budget Coach program will qualify for $3,400 Foreclosure Prevention Fund. The fund will be available to use for three years immediately after the purchase of the home to help cover the montly mortgage in case of an emergency. 
How do I apply for the Pathway to Homeownership Program?
Step 1: Complete the pre-qualification form below to see if you qualify for the program.
Step 2: If pre-qualified, you will automatically be promted with a link to complete the full application. 
Step 3: Meet with a Prosperity Center representative to submit the required documents for the application. 
Step 4: If approved, open your Prosperity Savings Account and begin saving towards making your dreams a reality!
Pathway to Homeownership Savings Account Forms and Documents


Still have questions? See below for a quick list of resources explaining the process of qualification, application, and sustained participation with a Prosperity Savings Account:

The Pathway to  Homeownership Savings Account is brought to you by the partnership of United Way of Frederick County and the Fredeick County Government. 
Should you have any futher questions, please call the main phone number of United Way of Frederick County at 301-663-4231, or send an email to Joyce Kwamena-Poh at