Pre-Qualification Survey

Prosperity Center Pre-Qualification Survey

Welcome to the Pre-Qualification Survey for the Prosperity Savings Program.  When you are done, click finish and submit to save your answers and complete the form.  If you meet the qualifications for pre-approval, you will receive an email with the next steps to continue the application process.


Have you served in the United States military?
Will there be a co-applicant?
Please select ONE of the following that applies to you:
By expressing interest in the Pathway to Homeownership program, I acknowledge that it is my duty to assess and verify whether my income meets the requirements for a mortgage loan approval to purchase a home in Frederick County. This evaluation is essential before proceeding with an application to participate in the Pathway to Homeownership program. Please indicate your understanding:
I understand that if I already own a home, I am not eligible for the Pathway to Homeownership program.
I understand that if I already own a car, I am not eligible for the Pathway to Transportation program.
Do you currently earn wages from full-time work, part-time or self-employment?
Participants are responsible for getting approved for a mortgage loan from a lender and must make sure they can qualify for a mortgage loan at their current annual household income. Use the ALICE Survival Budget as a guide.
Do you have an additional source of Income (part-time job, self-employment, housing voucher)?
Are you able to save a minimum of $50 or more per month for a car, or a minimum of $100 per month for a home?

Can you answer YES to at least one of the three questions?

1. Was your last year’s income at or below qualifying levels?
Household Size ALICE Survival Budget**
Single-parent household Max Income
ALICE Survival Budget**
Two parent household Max Income
1 $47,268 -  
2 $69,018 $61,260  
3 $90,768 $83,010  
4 $112,518 $104,760  
5 $134,268 $126,510  
6 $156,018 $148,260  
7 $177,768 $170,010  


*The above chart assumes that head of households are under 65 years old and that all children are 4-5 years old. To determine the exact maximum eligible income for your household add $26,154 per child 0-3 years old, $21,750 per child 4-5 years old and $13,640 per child 6-17 years old to the starting budget for the number of heads of household relevant to you. If you have any questions, please contact Joyce Kwamena-Poh at


2. Were you eligible for the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) last year?
3. Is your net worth below $15,000? (Not including one residence and one vehicle)
If no, you do NOT qualify for this program.