The Prosperity Center: Pathways to Financial Stability

The Prosperity Center improves lives by creating a one-stop resource for community members to improve financial knowledge, skills, and stability. It is a partnership among United Way of Frederick County, the Housing Authority of the City of Frederick, and the Frederick Coalition for Financial Success. Through the Prosperity Center's programs we create Pathways to Financial Stability for ALICE households. Click here for more information and click here to sign up for any of the programs.

Our Vision:

Using the collective impact model, the Prosperity Center is working to develop a holistic, integrated approach to improving the financial security of Frederick County residents. We function as a one-stop hub to allow community members access to a wide range of services, including income supports, employment and education services, financial education, asset building services, and more.

Our Goals:


Through opportunities such as financial literacy courses, individuals are empowered to make informed financial decisions based on what they’ve learned.


After learning how to budget, manage credit, and pay off debt, families and individuals then have the opportunity to make positive changes in their behavior. Saving money is a future-oriented action - it not only reduces the negative impact an unexpected emergency can have on a family, but also gives families to more choices for the future, like buying a home or finding reliable transportation.


In order to create long-lasting and community-wide changes, ALICE  individuals and families require the help and support of local agencies, social workers and volunteers. We’re bringing together the entire community to set up a financial environment where all families can thrive.


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