Community Impact Partners

Community Impact Partners

United Way of Frederick County funds the most effective local projects that return measurable outcomes.

How does United Way of Frederick County tackle tough problems? By finding, funding, and partnering with the most effective local projects that create opportunities for long lasting positive change and get results. United Way of Frederick County's allies are called "partners," and they are any individual or group that works with United Way of Frederick County in a coordinated effort to achieve a shared community goal.  Community Impact Partners are recipients of United Way of Frederick County's Community Impact Grants. Community Impact Grants represent a three-year commitment and the United Way of Frederick County's largest grant cycle. 

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Advocates for Homeless Families

Advocates for the Homeless will receive funding to support health, education and financial stability for homeless families.  The goal is to reduce the number of homeless families that relay on public support.

Housing Authority of the City of Frederick

The Housing Authority's "Early Learning for Sustained Success" project receive funding to decrease toxic stress in families and enrich the lives of kindergarten through second graders through quality learning programs.

Literacy Council of Frederick County

The Literacy Council of Frederick County will help families develop literacy and English language skills that will allow parents of young children to be partners in their child's early development and school readiness.

Mental Health Association

The Mental Health Association will receive funding for crisis services which will aim to improve the mental health of county residents and increase connections to needed services.  The goal is to improve behavioral health and to prepare individuals for careers.

The Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs

In partnership with Monocacy Health Partners' Dental Clinic, the Religious Coalition provides all eligible clients with affordable, high-quality, emergency and preventive dental care.

Spanish Speaking Community of Maryland, Inc.

Spanish Speaking Community will be using the grant to hire a Community Liaison for Frederick County who will work to connect Frederick County residents with access to necessary resources to improve the clients' quality of life.

Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership (SHIP)

The CI Grant supports the New Horizons program, which helps homeless youth complete a Frederick County Public School education, and not only attain the skills to succeed but also maintain the skills, resources, and self-confidence to transition to a productive next stage of life. 


Do you want to be one of our partner agencies?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, we invite you to apply to receive a UWFC grant!

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