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The Challenge

In Frederick County, MD, 35,291 households (37%) cannot afford basic needs such as housing, transportation, child care, food, transportation, health care and technology.  Despite overall improvement in the federal poverty level, employment rates and gain in median income, the economic recovery in Frederick County, like that in the rest of Maryland, had not reached all families before the deleterious impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  A growing number of families now face challenges from low wages, reduced work hours, depleted savings and increasing costs.

The ALICE Report for Frederick County provides and in-depth look at Frederick County and the population called ALICE - Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.  ALICE households have incomes above the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), but struggle to afford basic houshold necessities.

2020 ALICE Report Release Presentation

2020 ALICE Report Release Q&A


Click Here to request the full 2020 ALICE Report for Frederick County

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What is United Way of Frederick County doing to help?

The report underscores United Way of Frederick County's mission of bringing people and institutions together to collectively build a strong, viable community. UWFC focuses on strengthening the education, financial stability, and health of the Frederick County community because we know that children do better in school and in life when they have access to quality education; people are more financially secure when they have the skill set to land and keep good jobs, and have access to affordable, quality health care.

Through program and grants, United Way of Frederick County yields nearly $3 million annually in community impact that helps children, adults and families thrive. Whether it's through the Prosperity Savings Accounts program, free tax preparation, budget coaching, or financial education, the Prosperity Center helps families and individuals obtain the knowledge and resources they need to achieve financial stability.

UWFC also collaborates with business, government and community groups to identify and advocate for solutions that address underlying issues that negatively impact the Frederick County community, and especially ALICE families.

See HERE for an interactive website for more ALICE data on Frederick County, the rest of Maryland and other states.


2020 ALICE Report Release & Community Conversation Virtual Event 

Media Coverage

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Need help?

Click here for a list of community resources and programs that could be of help to you or someone you know.