Sarah's Story

Pathway to Transportation Graduate


As an ALICE household, Sarah has faced significant challenges in her pursuit of financial independence. 

United Way of Frederick County's Prosperity Center was a beacon of hope for Sarah, offering programs designed to empower individuals like herself. Through the Pathway to Transportation, Sarah purchased a car, enabling her to secure a job and rebuild her life. The program not only provided practical assistance but also strengthened her bond with her son, fostering a closer relationship that was previously hindered by transportation barriers.

Engaging in the free budget coaching and credit counseling at our Prosperity Center equipped Sarah with essential financial management skills. With newfound knowledge and support, she now navigates her journey towards financial stability with confidence and determination.

The impact of these programs on Sarah’s life has been profound. Sarah secured a fulfilling job and laid the groundwork for a brighter future. The relief of no longer having to figure out public transportation for every commute and the newfound ability to budget and build credit brings newfound hope and optimism to her life.

Sarah's journey through United Way's programs has been marked by gratitude and resilience. As Sarah continues her journey towards financial independence, she remains committed to advocating for a more equitable community where opportunities are accessible to all. With the support of United Way, her newfound financial skills, and most importantly her new car, Sarah is poised to overcome any obstacle that lies ahead.