Prosperity Center Savings Accounts: Application and Documentation

Prosperity Account Application & Net Worth Assessment
  • For married couples: If applying together and one person is not employed, you may still apply for a Prosperity Account as long as one spouse receives consistent income. Please fill out the Prosperity Account application in the name of the person who receives income. This applies to married couples only.
  • If applying single: You must have a consistent source of income.
  • Last year’s income should match the amount listed in your previous year’s tax return.

What we will need from you:

  • Prosperity Account Application
  • Most recent tax return
  • Proof of Income (Includes, but is not limited to: copies of paychecks or paystubs, written statements from employers, accounting records (if self-employed)
  • Copy of social security cards, TCN, or green cards for all household members (household members are defined by those listed on tax return)
  • Copy of driver’s license or state identification (driver’s license is required if you are saving for a vehicle)
  • Loan/debt statements (mortgage, vehicle, education, business loan, credit cards, personal loans, medical, past due utility bills, department store layaways, payday loans, etc.) These are used to verify your net worth.
  • Current household budget which includes savings goal
  • Net Worth Assessment
  • Current Credit Report (less than 12 months old).Register and attend a Credit Café workshop and provide a copy of your credit report from the workshop.

Having these documents/items ready will avoid delays in the processing of your application. If you are unsure of any of the items listed above, please contact Joyce Kwamena-Poh at 301-663-4231 or