How Do Prosperity Center Savings Accounts Work?

Prosperity Account Timeline

Prosperity Accounts (also known as Individual Development Accounts – IDAs) are an innovative financial product and economic development tool used by community organizations throughout the United States to stimulate participants' savings rates, build their assets, and connect these individuals to the economic mainstream. Private foundations and the public sector fund most of the programs. The following four-step process documents how a saver moves through the Prosperity Account program. 
STEP 1 – Pre-qualification and Application
All Prosperity Account savers must complete and submit a prosperity savings account application and required documentation. A Pre-qualification survey can be taken here.
Once a saver has pre-qualified, they must complete and submit a Prosperity Account application , required documentation.
STEP 2 - Opening an IDA Account
All savers meet with a United Way administrator to review application, current household budget, discuss asset goals, review policies and procedures and complete savings plan agreement. Approved applicants will be referred to a designated financial institution for account opening. 
STEP 3 - Financial Eduation Training
Budget Coaching and Credit Counseling is required prior to the purchase of their savings goal. Community partners provide valuable information to help increase the likelihood of successful asset purchase and retention. One hour of the Budget Coach program is required for every month (up to 12 months).
STEP 4 - Withdrawal, Asset Purchasing, and Beyond
In Step 4, savers, with staff assistance, are ready to make bank withdrawals from their Prosperity Account to purchase a home.
For a detailed breakdown of how the Prosperity Account program works, please refer to United Way Prosperity Account Policies and Procedures Manual