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Where does your money go?

Creating Opportunities For a Better Life

We strive to maximize every dollar that you entrust with United Way. When you invest in our Community Impact Fund, you can rest assured that 100% of your gift stays right here in our local community. These dollars support programs and services selected by volunteers and staff to bring about lasting change in Frederick. Our goals are to prepare kids to graduate and succeed, help families leave poverty permanently, and enable people to live healthy responsible lives.

With over 1,000 nonprofits and numerous other initatives in Frederick, determining which ones to invest in is no small task. But our dedicated Community Grant Panel volunteers, along with our staff, pore over each grant proposal and identify the local programs that best align with our strategies and goals to create the most lasting impact in our community.

Since 2011, your support has helped us invest more than $280,000 in grants to approximately 15 exceptional organizations each year. Their incredibly dynamic programs are as comprehensive as they are effective.

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