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The Game Plan: Community Impact Strategy Map

Creating lasting, generational change is a major challenge. However, using the data in the ALICE Report to develop health, educational and financial stability strategies, United Way of Frederick County believes that it can meet meaningful and measurable objectives in the Frederick County.  To organize the organization's strategy, United Way of Frederick County has developed the Community Impact Strategy Map. The strategy map outlines specific objectives in the areas of health, educational and financial stability -- all designed to support ALICE households.

United Way of Frederick County Strategic Plan

United Way of Frederick County's strategic arena represents its focus on the convergence of health, education, and financial stability, and is a central part of its strategic plan over the next three to five years.  Below are further definitions of health, education and financial stability focus areas.


Helping to support safe, stable and nurturing relationships & environments.

Vision:  Households are equally able to access trauma-informed behavioral and physical health care, and are aware of the services available in the Frederick County community.



Helping individuals achieve their potential through education.

Vision:  Education is a valued partnership between households, schools and non-school providers where individuals succeed through early childhood development, school readiness and post-high school graduation preparation and career readiness.



Helping households become financially stable and independent.

Vision:  Households access basic needs from practive, prevention-focused, comprehensive, easy-to-navigate systems that foster self-sufficiency and asset building. 


For more details, please see the Community Impact Strategy Map.