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The Game Plan

Let's Get Stuff Done

There’s no one way to create lasting, generational change. And that’s the kind of change we’re talking about when we tackle complex interconnected issues like school dropouts, poverty, and poor health. Our game plan is focused on key areas that require experience and cross-sector coordination:


Good health is critical to our ability to provide for our families and contribute to our communities. Expanding access to care for all ages, increasing availability of preventative care for healthy moms and babies, and promoting healthy behaviors like fighting obesity, preventing substance abuse, and eliminating domestic violence create a foundation for strong families and a thriving community.



Education is the cornerstone for success in work and in life – and it benefits the whole community! High school graduates earn more, are more engaged in their communities, and are more likely to raise kids who also graduate. By investing in programs that provide quality education for students of all ages, we’re investing in brighter prospects not just for ourselves or our children, but for the next generation as well.




Despite hard work, many of our Frederick neighbors are living paycheck to paycheck with no clear path to a more stable future. United Way helps create a pathway to financial stability by equipping people with tools to get and keep better jobs, keep more of what they earn, and save for their children’s futures.



We’ve developed community goals for each of the focus areas above, but they're not just goals to us; they’re expectations. And we’re committed to doing everything we can to help Frederick reach them.

As the backbone of a countywide network of community agencies, we rely on a comprehensive network of businesses, nonprofit organizations, government entities, and individuals to help create these solutions. We invest the power of capital and collaboration into shaping a community where all individuals can be successful. Right here in Frederick, where we work, live, and raise our families. Click Next to read about our partners in the community who help us reach these goals.

For more details, take a look at our Community Impact Strategy Map.