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Community Conversations

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

United Way of Frederick County hosted a series of Community Conversations across Frederick County in Spring 2013.

Problems in our communities cannot be solved without a deep understanding of the communities themselves. This kind of knowledge only comes from authentic conversations with the diverse stakeholders who live, work, and play in Frederick County. Conversations were held in Brunswick, Urbana, Thurmont, and Frederick City. Volunteers hosted, moderated, and scribed the conversations. In essence, United Way listened to people from all walks of life share their feelings about their neighborhoods, aspirations, work, and families. 

Special thanks to Jagruti Dholakia for leading the entire process. In addition, thank you to the following volunteers: Keith Harris, Rick Weldon, Dave & Lisa Gadra, Olivia White, Justin Cordelli, Mimi Zee, Roger Stenersen, Deborah Lundahl, Kelly Donald, and Maria-Theresa Shuck.  

Full Community Conversations Report

For a list of the questions please click here