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Volunteers Farm Out Their Help /*-->*/ Today Discovery Communications came out to volunteer their time at Seed of Life Nurseries for their 'Discover Your Impact' Day. Together with Farmer Mike Dickson, they had a lot of fun working on the fields!   If your business wants to coordinate volunteer efforts, United Way of Frederick County would love to set you up with other local groups in need of help! Feel free to contact Shana Knight at SKnight@...
Friday, June 16, 2017
Before I ever participated in Rachel's Challenge, I thought it would be an anti-bullying presentation -- much like our other attempts to get people to stop being mean. I was prepared for 4 hours of sitting and watching an adult ramble on about how bullying is so horrible. So before you decide that Rachel's Challenge is like that, let me tell you, that presentation changed how I look at my school. Forever.   Rachel Joy Scott was an average high schooler at...
Wednesday, December 17, 2014