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Alice in Promiseland

July 18th, 2019

Global employment websites have found that the top two mistakes people make when switching careers are rushing into school and not taking advantage of free resources. It is the fear of making mistakes like these that ultimately keep many individuals from making a career switch in the first place, even if they know it is what is best for them.

These fears almost always stem from one common source: lack of funds. Unfortunate but true, everything seems to come down to money. Switching careers can be extremely difficult, and it requires a large amount of time, money, and effort. Successfully changing careers can sometimes even require additional education.

November 9th, 2018
Tiffany's Story

“We’ve all been dealt a set of cards. Sometimes we don’t know the next move. We can’t see the future, but we have to continue to play the game.”

These words were spoken by Tiffany Green, who was dealt a quite unlucky hand, trapped in a cycle of poverty that plagued her family for generations. Growing up in public housing in New York, she knew owning anything of her own would be a struggle. With all the odds stacked against her, she managed to break free from a cycle that had kept her family’s hopes and dreams held down for so long by utilizing The Prosperity Center’s Prosperity Savings Account program to purchase a home for herself and her child.

October 26th, 2018
ALICE in Promiseland Meg's Story


Many people go to college for better career opportunities. A college degree is seen as a one-way ticket to financial stability. Unfortunately, for many young graduates today that ticket to financial stability is not as simple as it sounds.


Meg Valentino is a 24-year-old with a bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Mount Saint Mary’s University, yet she can’t afford basic living necessities in Frederick County. She works full-time as a mental health worker. “I love my job and couldn’t imagine doing anything else due to the amount of joy it brings me to help other people," she says.