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A Gift of Warmth 2013

A minor home repair can sometimes strip a family of their financial independence. In winter of 2013, United Way encountered a family that was keeping their home warm with space heaters because their HVAC system was broken. Despite a stable income from a County Government salary, they couldn’t afford the costly repairs needed to keep their house warm in the winter. And you’ll remember it was bitter cold last winter!
In a seasonal act of goodwill, United Way partnered with BGE Home and installed a brand new HVAC system for this family on December 23, 2013. Valued at over $10,000, this new system provided a life-changing solution to this mom and her son in Mt. Airy. On Christmas Eve, the mother called me and said, “Thank you!  We slept through the night because our home was finally warm.” I slept better that night too.  
Thrilled that we made a difference for this family – especially during the holidays – I have often thought how we can prevent these problems in the future. Instead of buying new space heaters, or even paying costly utility bills, I felt United Way was making a long term impact by installing a new HVAC System.
Watch the 2013 Gift of Warmth YouTube video here.
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