Get Involved

It only takes one person to change one life.

Behind all our work, there are people like you who get involved in big and small - but always significant - ways to ensure a better future for their community.



 Your donation, no matter how big or small, will change a life forever. When you give to United Way of  Frederick County, you're making the biggest possible impact by fueling the work we do. 



 Looking to start an employee giving campaign? Whether a small business, a major corporation or even a  nonprofit organization, you can join the numerous local  businesses and organizations that run United Way  campaigns each year. 



 United Way is committed to creating a culture of volunteerism that creates meaningful change in our  community. We make volunteering fun, easy and accessible to  individuals, groups, and corporations so that  they can take action on the causes they care about the most. Your time is precious and we're beyond  grateful for any that you are able to lend.



 The challenges facing our community are real: 10,000 Frederick County residents are living in poverty and  8.6% are without health insurance. Click above to learn  more about the need.



It's true - volunteering does make you feel better. Research shows that people who volunteer feel better - physically, mentally, and emotionally! And while we're feeling better, we're also helping all kinds of other people who benefit from our volunteer efforts feel better too! Everybody wins when we volunteer. Everybody wins when we LIVE UNITED. Read the full study here.

          76%                                    78%                                96%

          of people who volunteered in the last 12 months            reported volunteering lowered their stress levels              indicated that it enriched their 

say that volunteering has made them feel healthier                                                                                                                     sense of purpose in life