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United Way of Frederick County will grant at least $25,000 in funding for FY16-17 outside the existing long-term Community Impact Grants. In an effort to remain nimble and responsive to agency and community needs during ongoing funding cycles, United Way of Frederick County offers LIVE UNITED Grants each quarter to efficient and effective community programs.

Although these are one-time grants, the overall project outcomes should still align with United Way of Frederick County’s long-range focus on education, income, and health, which are the building blocks for a good life. LIVE UNITED Grants are open to all eligible 501(c)3 organizations - as well as government agencies - operating within Frederick County. Organizations are limited to receiving one LIVE UNITED Grant every 12 months. United Way of Frederick County acknowledges that these grants are made possible by the generosity of our supporters, donors, and volunteers, and greatly appreciates those who volunteer their financial resources and time to advance the common good in Frederick County. If you have questions about these grants, please contact Malcolm Furgol at 240.447.3956 or via email at

Click here to apply for our spring RFP once it opens on April 1st. The deadline to apply is April 30th.


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